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Fan Plate w Template

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Designed for medium to large orbital floor defects. The implant is provided with a sterile, non-porous transparent template made of the same Su-Por high-density polyethylene. The smooth template allows for easy repeated removal during fitting without damage to soft tissues. The outline and contour of the modified template may be used in modification and placement of implant. Screws or sutures can be placed in any desired location. Available with or without heat bonded non-porous membrane layer. The full porous bone-side layer allows for tissue ingrowth. When contouring, the implant bends and holds the desired shape without heating.

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fan plate w template
fan plate w template diagram
fan plate w template and membrane

Fan Plate w Template Dimensions

448740mm Radius – 0.85mm w Template0.85mm
448840mm Radius – 1.5mm w Template1.5mm
448940mm Radius w Membrane – 1.0mm w Template1.0mm

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4487: 40mm Radius x 34mm x 0.85mm w Template, 4488: 40mm Radius x 34mm x 1.5mm w Template


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