Patient Specific Implants

We partner with you to produce an implant that meets your exact design specifications

Complementary planning session with engineering team within 48 hours

Sterilized by manufacturer, reducing hospital liability and resources.

8 business days from Design Approval and Purchase Order

Two sterile implants, one non-sterile medical model and non-sterile sample for patient consultation

An array of Su-Por Patient-specific Ear implants.

  1. Complete Design Input Form.
  2. Utilize preferred CT scanning protocol.
  3. Submit form and CT data via:
    • Fax: 770-683-7459
    • Email:
    • Mail: Attn: Poriferous, LLC, Patient-Specific Implants, 535 Pine Road, Suite 206, Newnan, GA 30263
  4. For upload of CT data; please contact Customer Care at (877) 631-1954, or e-mail for a secure upload request link.
  5. Once your CT data has been received, we will design a Patient-Specific Implant that will meet the functional and anatomic needs of the patient and surgeon. A graphic design proposal will be emailed for approval prior to manufacturing of the implant.
4350Cranial Small
Cranial Medium
Cranial Large
Cranial X-Large
Cranial Two-piece
4351Cranial Implant Template (non-implantable)
Orbital Floor
Chin 2-Piece
4355Medical Model of defect area
4356Facial Implant Template (non-implantable)

CT Scanning Guidelines

The patient must be stabilized and remain completely still throughout the entire scan. If patient movement occurs, the scan must be restarted to achieve the best implant fit.

  • The scan should include 2cm beyond the defect area or area of interest.
  • Please provide the original DICOM slice data.
  • Do not reformat or include viewer software with data.
  • Important position or details should be noted as well as any asymmetrical element of the patient to indicate left and/or right.
  • The use of a bite jib during the scanning process for the mandible or the maxilla is recommended. Otherwise, they will be fused in the model.

Scanning Parameters

Cranial DefectsFacial Defects
Acquisition: Axial/Helical

F.O.V.: Include all areas of interest. Additional 20-25 mm above and below is preferred

Gantry Tilt: 0

Spacing: Overlapping

Slice Thickness: 1-1.25mm (preferred)

(3mm Max)

Algorithm: Standard

MA: 170ma/280kvp or lower

Time: 2 seconds or less

Acquisition: Axial/Helical

F.O.V.: Include all areas of interest

Gantry Tilt: 0

Spacing: Overlapping

Slice Thickness: 1-1.25mm (preferred)

(1.5mm Max)

Algorithm: Standard

MA: 120-180ma/120kvp or lower
Precise FitEach device is individually crafted to your patient’s specific needs.
Proven MaterialPoriferous polyethylene, a biocompatible material with over 30 years of proven clinical performance.
Variable ThicknessVariable thickness to match native bone.
ModificationMalleable, and allows for easy modification with a scalpel blade or burring instrument.
Direct FixationScrews may be inserted directly through the implant margins into the bone and may eliminate the need for plate fixation.
Sterile Non-pyrogenicImplant kit contains two (2) identical sterile, non-pyrogenic, implants limiting processing risk for the hospital.
Virtual Approval ProcessDetailed electronic document allows for approval prior to manufacturing (optional).
ApplicationTo meet the need of individual patients in applications of craniofacial reconstructive/cosmetic surgery and repair of craniofacial trauma.
MR SafeThis designation by the US FDA provides assurance of no image artifact or distortion of diagnostic MRI imaging.
Tissue In- GrowthThe interconnecting poriferous structure may allow for fibrovascular in-growth and tissue integration.
Suture/DrainageSutures may be passed through any part of the implant. Open pores may allow drainage.
Fast TurnaroundOrder shipment within 8 business days following design approval.

* The prices are subject to change depending on
1. Complexity of design
2. Number of revisions (2 revisions included, subsequent revisions are subject to charge)
* Medical Model may incur a charge for upgraded requests