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Improve Surgical Outcomes With Easy-To-Use Su-Por Implants

Imagine you were using implants in surgery that you know are second to none in quality, dependability, and ease of use in the operating room.

Our Su-Por porous polyethylene implants are the go-to choice of surgeons who want to improve patient care and lower rates of infection, migration, and rejection. Also, you can trim, bend and suture the implants as well as place screws directly into them without needing an additional plating system.

Further, we work hand-in-hand with surgeons to innovate and bring the newest designs and implant features to market. For example, one of our partnerships with Michael A. Burnstine, M.D. resulted in the patented AIRO Brow Lift Implant that is revolutionizing how surgeons perform these procedures.

We also provide stellar customer service and support. If you need a patient-specific implant, partner with us to get an anatomically correct Su-Por implant designed and produced to meet your patients’ exact needs.

Our Shapes Safeguard Surgeons’ Time and Improve Patient Care.