Su-Por Surgical Implants: The Safest and Most Reliable Choice for Surgical Implantation

Choosing the right surgical implant is essential for ensuring safe and successful patient outcomes. That’s why Su-Por Surgical Implants, manufactured and supplied by Poriferous, LLC, are the ultimate choice for surgical procedures that require life-lasting and highly customizable implants.

Living Graft

Su-Por Surgical Implants are manufactured using highly porous polyethylene material that is pure and bio-compatible, making it an excellent choice for patients with unique needs. The porous nature of the material allows for tissue ingrowth, ensuring that the implant stays in place, and provides lifelong results. Additionally, porous implants may be impregnated with an antibiotic solution during surgery, serving as delayed antibiotic delivery devices and reducing the risk of infection. 

Su-Por Surgical Implants are highly durable and become a living graft. The vascular vessels that have grown into the implant provide blood to carry intravenous antibiotics, host antibodies, or other cellular immune entities to fight bacteria. The implants are designed to withstand surgical rigors and deliver consistent results, ensuring that patients can enjoy the benefits of the implant for life.

Proven Safety
Safety is a significant advantage of Su-Por Surgical Implants. The material used in their production has been extensively tested and clinically proven to be safe for use in the human body. Each implant is delivered sterile by Ethylene Oxide and batch tested for endotoxin levels, promoting a quiet and uneventful healing process. .

Ease of Use

Su-Por Surgical Implants also feature a unique and innovative Retained Shape Memory™, allowing the implant to hold a shape like titanium without meshing around. They are easier to cut with surgical instruments and suture, providing improved ease of use of the device.

Patient-Specific Options

Patient-Specific services are available using the patients own anatomy to produce a patient matched implant. The company works closely with surgeons to ensure each implant is tailored to meet the patient’s unique needs, resulting in greater precision and accuracy in surgical procedures. A significant advancement has been introduced with exclusive Dura-Bloc™ Technology.

Su-Por Surgical Implants provide a quality option of devices for surgical implantation. Their highly porous polyethylene material, safety, customization, and durability features make them the preferred choice of surgeons in treating their patients. With Su-Por Surgical Implants, surgeons can rest assured that they receive the best possible devices and that the implants will provide reliable, lifelong results for their patients.

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