The Su-Por Sheet provides surgeons with an excellent option for craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation.

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Sheets Product Dimensions

Cat# A B C
4001 38mm 50mm 0.25mm
4002 50mm 76mm 0.25mm
4003 38mm 50mm 0.35mm
4004 50mm 76mm 0.35mm
4005 30mm 50mm 0.40mm
4006 38mm 50mm 0.45mm
4007 50mm 76mm 0.45mm
4008 38mm 50mm 0.85mm
4009 50mm 76mm 0.85mm
4012 38mm 50mm 1.5mm
4013 50mm 76mm 1.5mm
4015 38mm 50mm 3.0mm


Additional information

Dimensions N/A

4001: 38mm x 50mm x 0.25mm, 4002: 50mm x 76mm x 0.25mm, 4003: 38mm x 50mm x 0.35mm, 4004: 50mm x 76mm x 0.35mm, 4005: 30mm x 50mm x 0.40 mm, 4006: 38mm x 50mm x 0.45mm, 4007: 50mm x 76mm x 0.45mm, 4008: 38mm x 50mm x 0.85mm, 4009: 50mm x 76mm x 0.85mm, 4010: 76mm x 127mm x 0.85mm, 4011: 127mm x 178mm x 0.85mm, 4012: 38mm x 50mm x 1.5mm, 4013: 50mm x 76mm x 1.5mm, 4014: 127mm x 178mm x 1.5mm, 4015: 38mm x 50mm x 3.0mm


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