Contoured Two-Piece Chin


The Contoured Two-Piece Chin is designed with a gradual taper and concave posterior surface to provide an excellent anatomical fit to the bony anatomy.

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Contoured Two-Piece Chin
Contoured Two-Piece Chin diagram

Contoured Two-Piece Chin Dimensions

Cat# Description A B C
4088 Small 72mm 42mm 3mm
4089 Medium 74mm 42mm 5mm
4090 Large 78mm 50mm 7mm
4091 Extra Large 80mm 55mm 9mm

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

4088: Small – 72mm x 42mm x 3mm, 4089: Medium – 74mm x 42mm x 5mm, 4090: Large – 78mm x 50mm x 7mm, 4091: Extra Large – 80mm x 55mm x 9mm


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