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AIRO Implant

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Designed with Michael A. Burnstine, M.D.

U.S. Patent No. US10687945

The AIRO implant acts to lift and fill the eyebrow. It is comprised of a porous sheet with a microchannel inlay for brow suspension. The implant may be anchored and stabilized deep to the deep temporalis fascia at the hairline for temporal eyebrow elevation.

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AIRO Implant
AIRO Implant diagram

AIRO Implant Dimensions

4442Small Qty 110mm5.0mm0.45mm
4443Large Qty 121mm9.5mm0.45mm
4444Small Qty 210mm5.0mm0.45mm
4445Large Qty 221mm9.5mm0.45mm

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Quantity Per Package

4442: Qty. 1, 4444: Qty. 2


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