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Lower Eyelid Spacer With Superior Strip

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Designed with Michael A. Burnstine, M.D.

The Lower Eyelid Spacer is an excellent addition to the management of patients with symptomatic paralytic ectropion. The thin, tissue-like profile aids in greater eyelid stability.

The Lower Eyelid Spacer is fully porous to promote tissue ingrowth and facilitate implant stabilization. The implant is placed inferior to the tarsus under no tension. It is also available with a superior strip to provide additional support.

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Lower Eyelid Spacer
Lower Eyelid Spacer strip
Lower Eyelid Spacer (and strip) diagram

Lower Eyelid Spacer Dimensions

4436Lower Eyelid Spacer29.5mm9mm0.45mm

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4437: 29.5mm x 9mm x .45mm


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