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Flor Tec Composite Orbital Floor

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The Su-Por Flor-Tech™ Composite Orbital Floor is a composite structure of Su-Por biomaterial It is comprised of a nonporous sheet and a leading porous strip. Non-porous high-density polyethylene acts to prevent tissue ingrowth while the porous strip may help to facilitate implant attachment.

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flor-tec composite orbital floor
flor-tec diagram

Flor-Tec™ Composite Orbital Floor Dimensions

Cat# A B C
4233 38mm 50mm 0.3mm
4232 38mm 50mm 0.4mm
4234 38mm 50mm 0.5mm

Additional information


4233: 38mm x 50mm x 0.30mm, 4232: 38mm x 50mm x 0.40mm, 4234: 38mm x 50mm x 0.50mm


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