Su-Por Ear


The Su-Por Ear allows the ear reconstructive procedure to be done in one sitting using a singular implant. The one-piece design provides better ear symmetry compared to other ear reconstruction techniques. The success of the implant is dependent upon proper dissection of the fascia flap to ensure sufficient soft tissue coverage around the implant. The soft tissue ingrowth accomplished during healing minimizes the risk of implant migration and infection.

Available in 24 unique designs, the Su-Por Ear offers a variety of sizes, contours, and projections. A sizing kit is available upon request to assist you in identifying the closest matching ear.

If the Su-Por Ear collection doesn’t meet your patient’s needs, contact us to discuss our Patient-Specific solutions.

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Su-Por Ear Implant Dimensions

Cat# Cat# A B C
4600L 4601R 57mm 32mm 18mm
4602L 4603R 57mm 36mm 26mm
4604L 4605R 58mm 38mm 32mm
4606L 4607R 56mm 38mm 27mm
4608L 4609R 51mm 35mm 30mm
4610L 4611R 56mm 35mm 30mm
4612L 4613R 55mm 35mm 31mm
4614L 4615R 58mm 36mm 32mm
4616L 4617R 53mm 35mm 31mm
4618L 4619R 56mm 33mm 32mm
4620L 4621R 56mm 36mm 29mm
4622L 4623R 46mm 34mm 28mm
4624L 4625R 55mm 40mm 24mm
4626L 4627R 56mm 37mm 23mm
4628L 4629R 60mm 40mm 27mm
4630L 4631R 59mm 37mm 31mm
4632L 4633R 53mm 36mm 28mm
4634L 4635R 50mm 33mm 26mm
4636L 4637R 60mm 38mm 30mm
4638L 4639R 63mm 38mm 31mm
4640L 4641R 52mm 35mm 28mm
4642L 4643R 57mm 38mm 23mm
4644L 4645R 55mm 34mm 21mm
4646L 4647R 56mm 34mm 28mm

Additional information

Weight 0.2 g
Dimensions 6 × 7 × 1.5 mm


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