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Two-Piece Auricular Ear Implant-Helical Rim

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The design of the Su-Por Auricular implants allows surgeons to custom shape the height and projection of the helical rim to match the contralateral ear of the patient. The porous material provides a structural base for a temporal parietal fascia flap and skin grafts. The success of the implant depends on the technique of the surgeon; the porous structure requires a vascular tissue flap such as a temporal parietal fascia flap and skin graft, to prevent late exposure of the implant.

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Two-Piece Auricular Implant
Two-Piece Auricular Implant diagram

Two-Piece Auricular Implant Dimensions

4099Ear Base – Left32mm63mm
4100Ear Base – Right32mm63mm
4101Helical Rim – Rim39mm63mm
4102Helical Rim – Right39mm63mm


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