We Are Poriferous

Poriferous, LLC’s Mission

Poriferous continually innovates the process of CMF implant product development to provide a safe product that yields superior performance at a reasonable cost. We evaluate, meet, and exceed surgeons’ needs for a product that delivers outstanding results and services. Our implants optimize and safeguard surgeon and hospital time and resource investments. Poriferous remains an agile leader in the industry. We offer a service that is transparent, reasonably-priced, and ensures that doctors have the best tools to optimize their care of their patients.

What Is Su-Por?

Su-Por Surgical Implants are long-term implantable medical devices for the augmentation and restoration of the craniomaxillofacial area. We produce them from pure porous high-density polyethylene, the gold standard of polymer biocompatibility.

The devices are available in sheets, blocks, spheres, and anatomical shapes. The porous structures’ unique nature allows for the patients’ own fibrovascular to integrate, eliminate migration, reduce infection, and improve clinical performance.

Why Tissue Integration Is Important

Unlike non-porous implants, Su-Por biomaterial allows the patients’ immune system to effectively prevent and eliminate potential infections around and throughout the porous structure. Clinical evidence of Su-Por has proven to be superior to non-integrating implants. It is often cited as the ideal material for notoriously difficult revision procedures where non-porous devices required removal, often leaving damaged and scarred tissue.

Poriferous History

  • 2011- CEO Develops Porous Polyethylene Implants
  • 2012- Poriferous, LLC Founded
  • 2014- Su-Por Surgical Implants Cleared by FDA 510(k) 140437
  • 2015- ISO13485 Certification and CE Mark
  • 2016- Su-Por Patient Specific Surgical Implants Cleared by FDA 510(k)152463
  • 2016- Health Canada Medical Device License
  • 2017- Poriferous Issued USA Patent 9636202 Support for Ear Base
  • 2017- Poriferous Issued USA Patent 9724198 Orbital Floor Implant
  • 2018- Received MDSAP Certification
  • 2020- Received Notification of Intent to Grant European Patent for Cor-Tec
  • 2020- U.S. Patent Issues Notice of Allowance for Channel Implant Patent
  • 2020- Received Manufacturing Practices Certification
  • 2021-Su-Por Global Presence

Frequently asked questions about Su-Por® surgical implants.

While both implants are made from the same material (porous linear high-density polyethylene (HDPE)) and are used for the same type of surgeries, Su-Por Surgical Implants are manufactured using proprietary technology that, according to surgeon feedback, yields a higher quality result. In addition, the Poriferous design and production team has over 70 years of combined experience working with porous polyethylene (HDPE) implants. This experience exceeds that of all other porous polyethylene manufacturers in the world.

The key reasons why Su-Por Surgical Implants are more flexible than other surgical Implants are the proprietary processes, the consistency with which the implants are made, and the key design elements. Based on the experience of members of the Poriferous team, formerly involved in the manufacture of other implants, and feedback from surgeons who have used both Su-Por and other implants, Su-Por Surgical Implants are more flexible and less likely to break when manipulated.

While polyethylene has been used as an implant material since the 1940’s, and porous polyethylene has been used since the mid 1970’s, Su-Por was introduced to market in 2014.

Successful implantation has been documented from ages <1 year to 97 years old.

Su-Por patients experience low complication rates. For more information on the clinical performance of Su-Por see the clinical data document.

Poriferous is unique in that everything is performed in-house in one facility. This allows an unprecedented turn-around of Patient-Specific Implants that can be delivered in as little as eight business days.

The term “poriferous” means to bear or have pores. In addition to describing the Su-Por line of products, the name is also associated with the poriferans which are commonly known as sponges, a very early implant material.


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