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Poriferous Patent Award Announced For Surgical Implant

Poriferous Granted Patent for Surgical Implant with Unique Porous Outer Layer

On March 23, 2021, the United States of America Patent Office granted a patent to Poriferous, LLC for an innovative surgical implant (Patent No. US 10,952,857 B2). This implant has a porous outer layer that surrounds either a core structure that has either a solid or hollow interior. This cortical layer can help improve patient care by encouraging tissue ingrowth into the porous outer layer.

“We’re thrilled and honored to receive this patent from the United States Patent office,” says Aaron Noble, founder and CEO of Poriferous. “Our goal with this cortical implant and all of our other Su-Por® porous polyethylene surgical implants is to provide surgeons with optimal implants to improve patient care.”

This Su-Por orbital implant product can be either spherical or any other shape that is appropriate for a medical implant. The implant’s inventors are Aaron Noble, Newnan, GA (USA) and Jaing Qian, Shanghai (China).

About Poriferous: Poriferous, LLC makes several types of porous polyethylene surgical implants. The company provides both off-the-shelf and patient-specific implants to medical professionals, surgeons, and others who treat patients surgically. For more information, please see https://Poriferous.com.

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