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Designed with Ali R. Zomorodi, M.D.

The Retrosigmoid is an excellent option for use after a suboccipital craniotomy. It is available in left/right and regular/large configuration combinations.

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4567 retrosigmoid implant 4567 retrosigmoid implant diagram

Retrosigmoid Dimensions

Cat# Description A B C
4566 Right 32.2mm 35mm 1.6mm
4567 Left 32.2mm 35mm 1.6mm
4568 Large-Right 52.6mm 58mm 1.6mm
4569 Large-Left 52.6mm 58mm 1.6mm

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4566: Right, 4567: Left, 4568: Large-Right, 4569: Large-Left


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