"Su-Por has excellent handling characteristics.  It is easily cut and shaped, and holds a suture well.  The slight flexibility of the thicker implants allows for a better fit, for example on the orbital rim or maxilla."
- Robert A. Goldberg, MD

"I can't express enough how a small detail makes such a big difference.  I have been extremely pleased with my switch to the Su-Por implant material and every surgeon I know who has switched has expressed similar feedback.  I whole heartedly encourage you to switch your implant use to Su-Por for craniofacial reconstruction."
- Carlo Rob Bernardino, MD

"I recently made the switch to Su-Por implants. The implants are second to none in quality, dependability, and ease of use in the operating room. Su-Por implants are my go to choice for all my porous polyethylene craniofacial implant needs." – 11/25/2014

“I just placed an implant to reconstruct an eye socket. The implant was easy to shape and place within the fracture. It is without a doubt the best porous implant material I have used for craniofacial reconstruction." – 12/16/2014
- Dr. Adam J. Cohen MD, FACS

"I have recently switched to Su-Por Flor-Tec Composite Orbital Floor implants from Poriferous. I am very pleased with how the implants behave intraoperatively; especially the malleability of the implants and the material's bend memory. Su-Por implants are my first choice when it comes to polyethylene implants." - 4/20/2015
- Dr. Syed M. Ahmad MD