Flor-Tec™ Composite Orbital Floor

Designed with William R. Nunery, M.D.

The Flor-Tec ™ is a composite structure of SU-POR biomaterial comprised of a solid primary section and a leading porous strip. Solid High-Density Polyethylene acts to prevent tissue ingrowth while the porous strip may help to facilitate implant attachment

Item #       Dimensions
4233** 38mm x 50mm x 0.30mm
4232** 38mm x 50mm x 0.40mm
4234** 38mm x 50mm x 0.50mm


**Patent Pending



SU-POR Membrane Sheets

The SU-POR Membrane Sheet is designed to prevent tissue attachment to the implant surface when desired. The membrane is made of non-porous, high-density polyethylene and heat bonded to the porous material without adhesives or additives. The porous side of the implant allows for tissue ingrowth just as in the standard SU-POR sheet implants.

Item # Dimensions
4231** 38mm x 50mm x 0.60mm
4016 38mm x 50mm x 1.00mm
4017 50mm x 76mm x 1.00mm
4241 38mm x 50mm x 1.60mm
4018 50mm x 76mm x 1.60mm

**Patent Pending


SU-POR Sheets
SU-POR biomaterial sheets provide the surgeon with excellent options for craniofacial reconstruction and augmentation. SU-POR sheets are available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses 

Item #  Dimensions
4001  38mm x 50mm x 0.25mm
4002   50mm x 76mm x 0.25mm
4003   38mm x 50mm x 0.35mm
4004  50mm x 76mm x 0.35mm
4005  30mm x 50mm x 0.40mm
4006   38mm x 50mm x 0.45mm
4007  50mm x 76mm x 0.45mm
4008   38mm x 50mm x 0.85mm
4009   50mm x 76mm x 0.85mm
4012  38mm x 50mm x 1.50mm
4013   50mm x 76mm x 1.50mm
4015  38mm x 50mm x 3.00mm