Nasal Batten (2 Per Package)

The Nasal Batten is designed for nasal reconstruction procedures involving the external nasal valve. Nasal Battens are packed 2 per package. 

Item#     Description     Dimensions
4240 Pack of 2  25mm x 12.5mm x 0.60mm






Nasal Arch

The Nasal Arch can be used effectively to create a nasal onlay where subtle augmentation of the dorsum is required. Care should be taken to place the Nasal Arch appropriately in the dorsum area and to avoid extending the Nasal Arch proximally into the soft nasal cartilage area of the tip. The edge of the Nasal Arch should be feathered to promote a smooth transition from the implant to the patient's natural contour. 

Item#     Description     Dimensions
4244 Small  70mm x 13mm x 2mm
4245 Medium 70mm x 15mm x 2mm
4246 Large 70mm x 17mm x 2mm





Nasal Radix

The Nasal Radix offers surgeons an excellent option to augment a low nasal radix. 

Item#     Description     Dimensions
4243 Regular 24mm x 3mm x 10mm